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Cultivating a Healing Relationship with Our Body

Blog post written by,

Dr. Bhritanie Jardine, Psy.D.

It is widely accepted that the quality of our relationships acts as a crucial building block for overall happiness and wellbeing. When we think about relationships, we may first think about our spouse, family, or closest friends, and yet our relationship with ourselves influences the quality of all of those relationships! What we think about, and how we treat ourselves starts to mold the kind of people we think we deserve to be around, and what we expect or will tolerate from the world around us. One huge aspect of our relationship with ourselves is what we think about, and how we treat our body.

Today’s society is far more educated and aware than ever before of the fact that the weight loss industry profits from perpetuating unhealthy views of our body. Yet, knowing this does not always mean we can ignore the impact of constant messaging about the need to change our bodies to fit some ideal in order to be “allowed” to feel good about ourselves. Those who make the intentional and important decision to heal their relationship with their body despite the ample messaging around this topic, are left to navigate how to sort through an overwhelming amount triggers and undo generations worth of body shaming norms. So, where do we start with all of this? Here are a couple of tips for what to focus on when starting to heal your relationship with your body:

1. Notice your thoughts. When you think about your body, are your thoughts more positive or negative? Would you say any of those thoughts to a friend or loved one about their body? Do your thoughts support the idea you are worthy and lovable just as you are? Or do you notice your worthiness and lovability being based on appearance.

2. Notice your community. Listen to you friends or family members as they talk about appearance. Are they sharing thoughts of judgment or acceptance towards their own bodies? What about towards other people’s bodies? Notice how you feel when you hear your loved ones make these kinds of comments.

3. Notice food. What kinds of thoughts do you have when you are looking at a menu, or walking through the grocery store? How do you feel when making food decisions? Guilty? Pleasure? What do you think the purpose of nourishing yourself is?

4. Notice exercise. What do you picture when you focus on the word exercise? What do you think the purpose of exercise is? How does your desire to exercise change when you eat different foods or wear different outfits?

At Home for Balance, we understand the challenge that comes with taking on the goal of healing your relationship with your body and want to support you in doing so! That is why for the month of October, we are giving out easy to follow activities designed to help you learn more about your current relationship with your body and move you closer towards healing. We want to encourage you to try the activity of the day for the entire month and notice the difference in yourself from the beginning to the end of the month! Feel free to also share this challenge with friends or family who could benefit and enjoy healing together!

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