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Our Offices 

We believe that feeling safe in a space where you can start sharing your most private thoughts and feelings will lead to healing and finding the resources and solutions you are looking for. Our offices offer a supportive therapeutic environment that will assist you in the process of starting your journey towards change.

At Home For Balance we offer a cozy environment that allows you to relax and feel comfortable. Each of our offices is designed and furnished to provide an area of low stimulus and a calming sensation. Here, you can start to practice being in the present moment through mindfulness and practicing destressing activities. We are also equipped to support meals and complete food and weight exposures if your journey involves healing from an eating disorder or OCD. 

Please contact us TODAY at 561.600.1424 or email us at so we can answer your questions and provide you with more information about our services!

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"What happens when people open their hearts?
They get better!"

Haruki Murakami

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