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Eating Recovery Transitional Intensive Program 

Hands Together

Our Eating Recovery Transitional Intensive Program offers families a way to participate directly in their child’s eating recovery. We are a team of professionals committed to facilitate options for families that allow them to be active participants of their child’s recovery by teaching them the skills they need to support their child’s recovery and better understand their struggles. Our individualized approach offers a unique accelerated treatment structure based upon your child’s exact needs and includes parenting training and support.

The Eating Recovery transitional intensive protocol includes:


  • 1 comprehensive initial diagnostic assessment that provides recommendations for treatment structure and recovery

  • 2 individual sessions a week

  • 1 nutrition assessment

  • 1 nutrition session a week

  • 1 family session a month

  • 1 parenting session weekly, every other week, or monthly depending on support needed at home

  • Meal support in person at our practice and/or virtual as needed

  • FREE weekly case consultation with other treatment team providers

  • FREE personalized attention to your nutrition goals using an electronic or paper food journal

  • Reevaluation of treatment progress and goals every other week


Additional services if applicable after initial assessment are available:

  • EMDR weekly sessions if applicable  

  • Experiential sessions as needed on body image, food shopping, etc.

  • Therapist to address substance abuse if applicable and to provide additional recommendations 

  • 50% discount for participants on online course for parents 

Please contact us directly for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation. 

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