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Nourish Your Mind • Nourish Your Body • Nourish Your Spirit

Proper nutrition is the key for the physical and mental development of individuals. A nourished body is the foundation of a nourished mind!

Good nutrition involves eating with a food plan that will provide the necessary nutrients to promote a healthy and active life. Unhealthy eating habits like skipping meals, eating the same food choices every day, overeating, or binging could affect your physical and mental health.

Common Themes of Nutrition Services include:

  • Physiological and medical stabilization

  • Weight restoration and stabilization

  • Weight management

  • Nutritional optimization and growth potential and adequacy

  • Improve/stabilize serum levels of blood glucose

  • Identify distorted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors supporting healthy eating

  • Normalization of eating patterns

  • Individualize meal plans that promote physical and mental health

  • Challenge myths, misconceptions, and harmful believes that could affect your nutritional status.

  • Plan nutrition activities such as cooking groups, therapeutic meals, grocery shopping strategies, and mindful eating groups.

  • Engage in social eating activities using concepts of mindfulness

  • Making nutritious food choices based on your individual needs when dining out.


Bridging the gap between the mind and body and strengthening that bridge along the way will help you improve your physical and mental health. If your goal is to include wellness into your life style, schedule a nutritional assessment and receive the necessary support you have been looking for. Our professional services include individual therapeutic sessions, group sessions, home visits, food exposures, and health couching at grocery stores, restaurants, etc.

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