Eating Recovery Summer Intensive Program


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Our Eating Recovery Summer Intensive Program offers teens and their families the unique opportunity to work on their eating recovery in a comprehensive and supportive way with a team of professionals dedicated to help families navigate the process of recovery and stablish a solid foundation to transform their relationship with food and their body.

The Eating Recovery summer intensive protocol includes:


  • 1 comprehensive initial diagnostic assessment that provides recommendations for treatment structure and recovery

  • 2 individual sessions a week

  • 1 nutrition assessment

  • 1 nutrition session a week

  • 1 family session a month

  • 1 parenting session weekly, every other week, or monthly depending on support needed at home

  • One weekly meal support

  • FREE weekly case consultation with other treatment team providers

  • FREE personalized attention to your nutrition goals using an electronic or paper food journal

  • Reevaluation of treatment progress and goals every other week


Additional services if applicable after initial assessment are available:

  • EMDR weekly sessions if applicable  

  • ERP sessions as needed on body image, supermarket, etc.

  • Program to address substance abuse if applicable

Please contact us directly for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation.