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Eating Disorder and OCD Registered Dietitian


I take a holistic approach to wellness by providing nutritional counseling to clients that want to establish a healthy relationship with food. I am a compassionate person, who believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship between clients and professionals. I guide and support clients in the process of finding balance within their bodies and lives. I help them to understand their issues from a nutritional perspective, by counseling them and encouraging them to learn better ways to relate to their bodies.

I have 20 years of experience in the assessment and treatment of clients with different nutritional needs. I was employed at a local treatment facility for eating disorders for 10 years providing nutrition counseling to patients and their families.  I hosted bilingual webinars, monthly presentations to family members, and participated in some research.  Most recently, I became the Director of Nutritional Services at a local facility for the treatment of OCD. There, I developed a nutrition program for residents staying at the Ranch and those receiving Intensive and OP treatment. I provide accurate nutrition counseling to improve eating habits of patients, monitoring patient’s progress in order to ensure that their nutritional requirements are being met in accordance with their pathologies and current needs. In this professional process, I specialize in the treatment of OCD, anxiety disorders and other co-morbid diagnosis like Body dysmorphic disorder. I empower patients to develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

I have experience not only in individual nutritional counseling, but also in group counseling. I provide nutrition education in group settings as well as educating clients in advanced meal planning, lunch group support, cooking group, supermarket tour, and mindful eating. I was a key speaker at a national Seminar in 2011 and facilitated “Hot Topics in Nutrition Education”.  I also presented at the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (iaedp) Symposium this year. I am a member of the iaedp board South Florida Chapter and the co-founder of The Mood & Food Institute, LLC. I am passionate for counseling and motivating clients to improve their lifestyles with healthy meal plans.  I believe that while it is important to help clients recognize and change negative patterns of behaviors connected to food, it is important to help people build on their strengths by supporting them and encouraging them through a trusting relationship.


For a FREE phone consult and more information about nutritional counseling, please call me directly at 954.773.3139.

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