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Therapy For Children and Teens

Childhood and adolescence can be a time of both confusion and self-discovery where kids and teens often navigate questions about themselves and in their relationship with others. They are trying to learn how to be independent and create their own identity while trying to cultivate their sense of self. In this vulnerable period of their lives, teens may face difficult challenges around academics, friendships, sexualitygender identity and gender expression, body image, drugs, and alcohol. Through therapy, teens can start to think differently about situations they are experiencing, such as the loss of a friend, dealing with a medical condition, academic stress, bullying, parents’ divorce, difficult family dynamics and overwhelming emotions.

Therapy can help teens feel better and understand themselves and the world around them, find balance, and learn coping strategies to deal with everyday situations. Therapy can help kids and teens be more assertive and communicate their thoughts and feelings in a way that their parents and friends understand, make positive decisions, and feel more confident and empowered.


For more information, please contact us directly at 561.600.1424 or email us at You’ll speak directly with one of our clinicians who will give you detailed information about our approach to working with kids and teens. We believe in parental involvement and participation!


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