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Making Connection and Feeling Supported

Blog post written by,

Yaneth Beltran, RD/LDN, CEDRD

Connection is a powerful word and it can be use in different scenarios. The magic about this word is that connecting is the link between two things, it means union, association, relation, and join. During this time of self-quarantine and social distancing, people may feel isolated easily as we are social creatures. This isolation can lead to many distressful feelings like sadness, depression, loneliness, and uncertainty. The good news is that you can still stay connected and feel part of your social groups despite being in self-quarantine.

An important tool we have is Social Media. Video chat, face time, and zoom as well as other platforms are very useful to help people connect with others. They are free and easy to use so the first tip is to take advantage of social media to continue talking and seeing your family and friends.

An important connector in life is food as eating is a strong link around relationships and it is also an activity that we all can share so let’s also take advantage of this common activity to continue getting connected. With that being said, I want to present to you some ideas that will help you be social and stay connected with long distance relationships.

Here are some tips to feel connected:

· Plan meals together. Planning meals is fun. Each person can pick a meal and talk about a dish they like. If you are planning on eating with family members, perhaps think about a recipe that your grandmother used to make on special occasions. Talk about the ingredients and make a list of the food choices you need to get to make this recipe.

· Set times to eat. You can pick a meal and coordinate when to have it. Flexibility is an important tool to use as meal schedules could be different depending on where every participant lives.

· Plan activities to do during the meal. We always have things to do and to feel grateful for and things to celebrate. You can plan virtual birthday, graduation, anniversary parties, etc.

· Plan after meal activities. You can share videos and photos that will bring good memories and at the same time help you feel connected. Host a video tour, host some competitions or games and get virtual gifts.

· Do a group workout at home. You can use yoga studios, gyms, or personal trainers to lead these activities or you can also be the leader. Please remember that exercising and having balanced meals are key components of your health.

· Find supportive people to talk about your feelings. Recent changes around the COVID-19 can lead to many feelings. Having someone that you can talk to about your feelings is really important. Please make sure that this person is trusted and will help you get the support you need. It is very important to have support especially if you are in recovery. Attending online sessions and online support groups can be helpful to stay in recovery and feel connected.

If you are feeling disconnected and struggling with sadness, lack of motivation, isolation, loneliness, feel sad and overwhelmed reach out for a FREE phone consult, we would be happy to talk to you and help you understand how therapy can help you feel better. Please contact us directly at 561. 600. 1424 or you can email us at and one of our clinicians will help you determine if you are a good candidate for therapy!

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