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Tips to Help You Connect with Your Inner Self Through Self-Care and Being Intentional When Eating

Updated: May 21, 2021

Blog post written by,

Yaneth Beltran, RD/LDN, CEDRD

Society is determined to set high standards in terms of body shapes and body weights. People are finding worth on external characteristics and then forgetting what really matters; you. Including mindfulness will help you take care of your health.

  • Stay Connected with your body: while eating a salad, pay attention to your body and its response to chewing, swallowing, as well as the sensations of hunger and fullness, this will help you eat enough food to nourish your body.

  • Use all the senses: Take time to smell the salad, to feel the different textures in your mouth, to taste the different flavors like the sweetness from the apple, look at the different colors and shapes, the green color from vegetables and the red color from the apple. This practice will help you improve your relationship with food.

  • Sit down: sitting down and eating helps you relax and maintain a posture that will help improve your digestion.

  • Relax your body: Relaxation helps you slow down and focus your attention to the process of eating.

  • Smile: Many studies talk about how smiling releases endorphins and can also help relieve pain and help improve your immune system.

Please smile, you just ate a meal that includes a variety of nutrients in moderation.

The last tip is to use the following questions to increase awareness into the way you are eating:

What I am choosing to eat in the moment? I am eating a food item that I don’t really like to eat but I am doing it anyways because I feel like having that or I consider this food as a healthy choice.

Why I am choosing to eat what I have in front of me? I am eating because I feel tired and need to get every nutrient for my daily activities OR I am eating because I feel bored.

When I am going to eat? I just finished eating lunch 10 minutes ago and I feel like eating again OR I have not eaten anything yet and I am deciding not to eat until dinner time because I am busy.

How am I eating? Am I using proper utensils? Am I standing up?

Where am I eating? I am sitting at my desk where I do not even have space to leave my lunch or perhaps, I am eating in my car because I am in the middle of work and I cannot go back to my home to eat.

I hope these ideas will help you invest more time in being intentional during the process of eating. Invest in your body, it is the only element you will always keep since you are born.


What About Practicing Some Mindfulness While Making Dinner?

This Easy Recipe Can Be Done In ~20 Minutes!


Sweet and Sour apple and pasta salad

8oz uncooked pasta

2/3 cup shredded carrots

1.5 cups broccoli

3 medium red apples

1/3 cup apple juice

1/3 cup plain yogurt

1 t olive oil

1 t Dijon mustard

1t honey


1. Cook the pasta in water.

2. Cut the Broccoli into small pieces

3. Place these three food choices into a medium bowl

4. Combine the yogurt, apple juice, vinegar, oil mustard and honey in a small bowl and pour over pasta mixture

5. Toss to coat evenly

6. Slice the apples and use them to garnish each plate

(This Makes 3 Servings)



Eating Disorder and OCD Registered Dietitian

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