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Cultivating an attitude of Flexibility and Resilience (JOURNAL EXERCISE AND FREE MEDITATION)

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Blog post written by,

Carolina Gaviria, LMHC, NCC, CEDS

Today more than ever before, we need to learn how to manage stress and cultivate an attitude of flexibility and compassion towards others and ourselves. Resilient people understand that life is unpredictable and unexpected things happen so they are often able to roll with change and welcome it as part of life. They know that challenges are important for personal growth and recognize that there are things that they cannot control, focusing on the things that they can control and adjusting to the new reality using their strengths. However, the main personal characteristic that resilient people share is that they cultivate an attitude of flexibility, gratitude and compassion. Here are three ways to increase flexibility and resilience:

1. Resilient Mindset Journal Exercises:

  • Every morning write down three things for which you are grateful for and review them at night OR you can keep a “gratitude jar” where you keep notes and small reminders of the things you love and make you happy. You can read these notes on a difficult day.

  • Take time to identify your three core values and throughout the day notice how you apply that value. You can also write a detailed description of how you want to use those values or why they are important you.

  • Write a note or letter to someone you appreciate or admire. What did you notice when you were writing the letter? If you chose to give it to them, how did you feel in that exchange?

  • In the evening, make a list of your wins of the day. What stood out for you today? What are you proud of, happy about, what did you accomplish? Describe the feeling.

  • At the end of the day, write down personal reflections about what learned today, how you showed up in the world and how you might use those insights and learning opportunities in the future.

2. Take some time to be in nature and allow nature to connect with the sounds, colors, textures, aromas and flavors of nature. People instinctively turn to nature as a way to relax and enhance their well-being, re-group, and take some perspective. Nature can be healing and a source of inspiration, solace, guidance and regeneration that brings so much needed peace to our lives teaching us how to be flexible and resilient.

3. Listen to the gratitude audio recording medication below to increase your resilience!

gratitude meditation
Download RAR • 7.67MB



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