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Celebrating the Spirit: Non-Appearance Compliments to Spread Holiday Joy

As the holiday season unfolds, our interactions are often filled with joy, gratitude, and a shared spirit of celebration. While it's common to compliment each other on festive attire and appearances, commenting on people’s bodies, weight, shape, eating, exercise habits, where they are in their lives, and their goals for the future can increase stress and tension in relationships. It can also contribute to reinforcing personal struggles with weight, food, and a sense of “not good enough.”

Commenting on calories in the holiday foods and treats, talking about diets and exercise regimes can increase anxiety in others and affect how they enjoy the holidays. This holiday season set the intention of staying away from the diet culture and not engaging in unhealthy and unhelpful comments and conversations. This holiday season give people the gift of positive compliments! There's a unique charm in acknowledging the less visible but equally significant aspects of people's efforts and contributions during this time through non-appearance compliments and gestures that go beyond the surface and celebrate the heartwarming qualities that make the holiday season truly special. Offering thoughtful and positive compliments during the holidays is a wonderful way to spread warmth and cheer. Here are some suggestions for appropriate compliments:


1.    Expressing Gratitude for Acts of Kindness:

The holidays often inspire acts of generosity and kindness. Whether it's helping a neighbor with holiday decorations or volunteering at a local charity, acknowledging these selfless acts with heartfelt compliments spreads warmth and encourages continued goodwill.

You can say:

·       "Your generosity during the holidays is heartwarming."

·       "I appreciate your commitment to spreading kindness and joy."

·       "The way you go out of your way to help others during the holiday season is truly commendable."

2.    Recognizing Thoughtful Gift-Giving:

Beyond the physical appearance of beautifully wrapped presents lies the thoughtfulness and care put into selecting the perfect gift. Complimenting someone on their gift-giving abilities not only appreciates their efforts but also reinforces the spirit of giving that defines the season.

You ca say:

·       "Your gift is so thoughtful and exactly what I needed. Thank you!"

·       "I appreciate the time and effort you put into selecting such a meaningful present."

·       "The wrapping on your gift is gorgeous, and the inside is even better!"

3.    Commending Culinary Creations:

The holiday season is a time when kitchens come alive with the aroma of delicious treats. Complimenting the culinary skills of those who prepare festive meals and treats not only recognizes their hard work but also encourages the sharing of beloved recipes and traditions.

You can say:

·       "These cookies are amazing! You're a fantastic baker."

·       "The holiday meal you prepared is not only delicious but also beautifully presented."

·       "I can tell you put a lot of love and effort into the dishes. They're fantastic!"

4.    Appreciating Home Decor and Ambiance:

While appearance compliments often focus on personal attire, recognizing the effort put into creating a festive home environment is equally important. Complimenting the ambiance, the tasteful decorations, and the overall welcoming atmosphere acknowledges the dedication to making the home a joyful space.

You can say:

·       "Your home looks absolutely festive and inviting!"

·       "I love the way you've decorated the Christmas tree; it's so beautifully done!"

·       "The holiday lights outside your house create such a magical atmosphere."

5.    Acknowledging Host and Hostess Skills:

Hosting holiday gatherings is an art that requires skill and attention to detail. Complimenting a host or hostess on their ability to create a welcoming and enjoyable event goes beyond appearances and recognizes the effort invested in creating memorable experiences for guests.

You can say:

·       "Your dedication to spreading holiday joy is inspiring."

·       "I can see the hard work you've put into making this event special. It hasn't gone unnoticed!"

·       "Your positive energy and enthusiasm really enhance the holiday spirit."

Some people radiate positive energy and enthusiasm during the holidays, bringing joy to those around them. Complimenting someone on their infectious spirit acknowledges the impact they have on the overall holiday atmosphere and encourages a collective sense of joy. Remember that sincerity and genuine appreciation make compliments more meaningful. Tailor your compliments to the specific actions or qualities you genuinely admire, and you'll contribute positively to the holiday atmosphere.

At Home For Balance, we understand the challenges that the holidays can arise and are committed to providing much needed support and guidance during this time. Our dedicated team of therapists are available and ready to work with you. Some of our clinicians can provide services in different states and languages besides English including Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian. Online sessions are also available. Please contact us today at or at 561.600.1424 for a FREE 30-minute consultation!


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