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Arantxa Mascarenas, M.S 

Registered Intern for Mental Health Counselor Licensure

I am a bilingual English and Spanish Registered Intern that graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 2021 with a master’s in clinical mental health counseling. I’ve been working with children and families in various clinical and school settings for 5 years and focused on mental health, healthy development, social-emotional learning, and executive functioning skills.

My passion involves working with children, teens and adolescents, couples, and families. I’ve had experience working with children and their parents from ages three to eighteen, which has allowed me to fully understand the complexity of child development. Additionally, I’ve worked with teens and adolescents diagnosed with ASD, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and depression. I value working in collaboration with parents and I use an eclectic approach to therapy.

Through my experience, I’ve come to see the pressure parents have to ensure their child lives a happy and fulfilling life. I’ve also witnessed teens and adolescents have academic struggles, express low self-esteem, lose motivation, and try to understand their anxiety and complex emotions. Being a teen or adolescent is challenging. It’s a time when they deal with life transitions while trying to find out who they are.

As a parent, you might be considering looking for a professional to step in to ensure your teen reaches their fullest potential. I can be a source of support and guidance for you and your child. Together, we’ll work through the discomfort and pain. I believe in your child, and my goal is to empower them to live their most authentic life while helping them rise stronger.  

I’m a culturally competent therapist, inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community and my preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. For more information about working with me and to get a FREE 30-minute phone consult, please call at 954.850.6633 or email me at

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