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Katharine Brooks, PsyD

Anxiety and Depression Expert

I am a Post-Doctoral fellow in the state of Florida and currently provide individual and group therapy at Home For Balance Psychotherapy Group, where I specialize in the treatment of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, as well as coping with stress and life transitions. I engage in process work that helps the individual make a narrative out of their suffering and come to understandings that facilitate growth. Through engaging in mindfulness practice, I assist individuals in reconnecting with what a life worth living may be, while providing the skills needed to ride the waves of anxiety, depression, and stress.

I am a Cognitive-Behavioral therapist and throughout my treatment I help my clients explore impactful experiences, assessing how certain circumstances have formed beliefs that may be contributing to negative ways of thinking or behaving. I work with the individual to gain the tools and understandings needed to reevaluate old patterns while implementing techniques to build a new way of being. Through mindfulness-based interventions, I work to implement a values and strengths-based philosophy that encourages individuals to emphasize their positive qualities while establishing goals to guide themselves towards a more fulfilling life. My approach to therapy involves holding an environment that is warm, collaborative, supportive, and focused on enhancing the client’s growth. I work with clients from diverse backgrounds and recognize the significance of understanding and honoring one’s culture, along with how this may impact the individual’s perception of their own therapeutic experience. I am an ally of the LGBTQ community and practice from an affirming and inclusive standpoint.


I consistently utilize mindfulness in my own life and have gained enormous benefits through an intentional practice. I am eager to share the wisdom I have gained through my years of training to aid individuals who are searching for solutions. I believe a strong foundation is key to living a fulfilling life and, through incorporating mindful principles, aim to aid individuals in establishing a lifestyle that is both beneficial and transformative.

For a FREE 30-minute phone consult, please call at 561-490-1643 or email me at drbrookspsyd@gmail.com. I'll be happy to provide you with more information.