At Home For Balance, LLC we strongly believe in the importance of supporting young professionals in their development of clinical skills, through mentorship relationships. We offer the opportunity of supervision for those seeking licensure and/or consultation. We provide our supervisees with the opportunity of learning in and outside of the therapy room through supervision and case consultation, as well as collaboration in treatment. As you move along into your journey of becoming an effective and successful therapist, we will navigate the waves of your clinical experience with you and provide you with the clinical guidance that you need to enter the next level of your career.

Our team of licensed psychologists, mental health counselors, and dietitians have more than 30 years of experience combined and utilize a collaborative approach that will help you learn different ways to treat clients and optimize your personal style, assess your strengths, and areas of growth. Together, we will design your supervision experience so you feel supported and guided in the right direction.

Please contact us TODAY at 561 600 1424 or email us at and we can answer your questions so you can find out more about the opportunities for professional growth within our practice. We look forward to speaking with you!